The Music Scene in Central Vermont

The music scene in Vermont is vast and diverse. From acts at small town farmer’s market to popular bands playing at resort venues, there is music for all kinds of tastes in Vermont. In this episode, we interview local musician, singer, and songwriter Sammy Blanchette about his take on the music scene, how he got started from playing with bands like CK3 to performing at Okemo, Killington, and other local venues and his recommendations on where to listen to music in Central Vermont. Also, listen to him play an original song “Livin’ it Right” and a favorite cover by Green Day. And of course, check out his lightning round suggestions on some of his favorites trails, food and music in Vermont. Follow Sammy on Instagram and check out his website to find out where he will be playing next. He is a must see live!

Sammy’s Lightning Round Recommendations:

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