How Do You Travel Like a Local in Vermont?

Whether you’re looking to have that authentic local experience on your next Vermont vacation or you just want recommendations for craft beer and a great diner meal then this is the show for you. We had the pleasure of interviewing Erin McCormick, founder of Travel Like a Local: Vermont website and blog and author of “Classic Diners of Vermont.” Erin has spent the last few years traveling all around Vermont to share where to eat, drink, stay and play. On a regularly basis she uncovers hidden gems and Vermont-made staples. She’s a wealth of knowledge and definitely a great resource to check out when planning your next visit to Vermont. 

During the show, Erin shared her experience writing her book, which is part road trip and foodie journal, and shared some of the diners she visited, including the Blue Benn Diner in Bennington, VT, the Chelsea Royal Diner, a farm-to-table diner in Brattleboro, VT and The Parkway in South Burlington, VT.

We asked Erin what advice she would to families that typically come up to ski and want to come back in other seasons. She recommended that families should check out places like Stowe and take the gondola to the top for picnic or hike the trails and see the waterfalls in Warren, VT or check out the lake life in many towns across Vermont.

Erin’s Lightning Round Recommendations:

Most Frequented Diner: Parkway Diner in South Burlington for the eggs Benedict and Country Girl Diner in Chester, VT for their maple pecan pie.

Favorite Small Town in Vermont: Warren – it has Lawsons, waterfalls and more. Dorset, VT for Barrows House, 3 Pears Gallery, Dorset Rising bread and the Marble Quarry turned swimming hole.

Favorite Vacation Spot in Vermont: Hotel Vermont in Burlington, VT; Pitcher Inn in Warren, VT; and Four Chimneys Inn in Bennington, VT.

Favorite Vermont Craft Beer: Four Quarters Brewery in Winooski, VT the Shakedown IPA Series.

Favorite Vermont Made Item: CBD products, Maple Syrup, Sap! Maple SeltzerCold Brewtis Cold BrewSkida HatsFat Toad CaramelJasper Hill Farm Cheese and more!!

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